Why You Don’t Need the “Reserved Seats” Wording on your RSVP Card

The thought of uninvited guests showing up on your big day would turn any bridechilla into a bridezilla. Couples are going above and beyond to make sure guests are aware who is and who is not invited, but sometimes the method of delivery isn’t the best.

I’m often asked to add a line on wedding RSVP cards worded something like: “We have reserved ____ number of seats in your honor. Number attending ____.” The couple would pre-fill in the first blank prior to mailing in an effort to be extra clear on who is invited to bring a guest and/or their children.

Turn Off? Rude? Confusing?

The truth is, guests should know exactly who is invited by the way the envelope is addressed. I’m saying they should, not that they will. However, most will – so it’s important not to offend or confuse anyone by putting extra information on the RSVP card.

Instead? To solve your anxiety, but remain polite, add a space for guests to fill in how many will attend. This is traditional and I can’t imagine offensive in anyway. In the unlikely chance that someone fills in “2” when only one was invited, deal with the situation then.

Why you don't need the "Reserved Seats" wording on your wedding RSVP card

If it’s a close friend or family member of the bride or groom, I would casually reach out and let them know that the invitation was for one and you hope they’ll be able to make it alone. (I’ll write another post soon on whether to add “plus ones” or not for your single guests) If it’s an extended family member, coworker, or friend of your parents, and you don’t feel totally comfortable “confronting” them, have your wedding planner reach out.

Don’t get me wrong, this approach isn’t perfect either. There is a chance of an awkward conversation, but I find that to be pretty unlikely! By only having to communicate this with guests who aren’t clear on their invitation, you remove any chance of offending or confusing anyone else.

That being said, this is just my opinion and personal experience. At the end of the (wedding) day, you should do what works best for you and your guests! If you’re inviting a lot of people who you think will be confused with the amount allowed, then by all means – be explicit.

I will politely suggest etiquette to couples I work with on wedding invitations, but ultimately am happy to do whatever they decide. Wondering what other things to leave off your invitation? Read this post on common wedding invitation mistakes!


Fall Wedding Invitation Inspiration

It’s officially spring, which means it is time for fall couples to start choosing wedding invitations! Since invitations are mailed 6-8 weeks before the big day, I am now booking for weddings in September, October, and November and sharing some of my fall wedding invitation inspiration!

Read more about when to order and mail your invitations here.

This post is featuring my favorite designs for fall wedding invitations, but it might have been easier to just call it “burgundy wedding invitations”. Whether you call it crimson, scarlett, marsala, or burgundy – it’s the perfect color for fall weddings and I have some great invitations to match these themes! Keep scrolling to see these designs and at least one other, just in case you’re not on the burgundy train!

Burgundy Floral Boho Fall Wedding Invitations

This is the original fall-floral-marsala invitation design. I love the rich color paired with the soft watercolor florals. Want to see the pretty in person? You can order a sample right here!

Dusty Rose Floral Boho Wedding Invitations

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of floral wedding invitations! This design is perfect for a boho wedding of any season, but I really love it for a fall wedding. Originally paired with dusty rose envelopes, it can be customized to fit your wedding vibe!

Navy and Burgundy Floral Wedding Invitations San Diego

There’s no shortage of navy wedding ideas when it comes to fall weddings. For a navy and burgundy pairing, look no further! I love this design because both the sketched florals and fun fonts can be customized in any color – including foil!

Eucalyptus Monogram Wedding Invitations with kraft belly band
Eucalyptus Wedding Invitations with Straw Kraft Envelopes

The natural and rustic feel of this eucalyptus design was originally designed for a November wedding. It is such a good transitional feel for late fall to winter. We paired with the kraft envelopes and monogram belly band to elevate the overall look!

Comment below on which fall wedding inviation you’re loving most!

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How to Choose the RSVP Date for your Wedding Invitations

If you have no clue what to put for your “RSVP by” date, you’re not alone! It’s probably one of the most frequent questions I’m asked by couples I’m working with on invitations.

Choosing a Reply By Date for Your Wedding RSVP Cards

First things first, if you haven’t already – check out this blog post on when to order and when to mail your wedding invitations. Keeping with these timelines can help understand exactly when to set your reply date.

Ultimately, I recommend sending your invitations 6-8 weeks before the big day. I caution on sending too early, especially with a long window to RSVP, because people forget and things change – like addresses and relationship statuses.

When it comes to choosing a reply date for the RSVP card, there are a few things you can consider!

Venue Headcount Deadline

When does your venue need the final count on the number of attending guests? Usually it’s 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. I recommend asking for your RSVP card back earlier than their deadline so you have time to chase anyone down who forgot to respond. Unfortunately, it does happen.

Secondary List

In the case of having more guests RSVP “not attending” than expected, you might be able to send invitations to guests who were on your secondary list. Not every couple plans for this, but in this situation I recommend asking for RSVP replies with enough time to send (and get a response) from your secondary list guests.

Day of Stationery

Planning to order pieces for the wedding day like place cards, menus, programs, and welcome notes? You’ll want your guest list confirmed ahead of finalizing these. Since the design process for day of stationery usually begins a few weeks before the big day, asking for RSVPs back in time is very helpful to make sure you get the right quantities!

Check out this post for more information on day of stationery, when to start the process, and how many to order!


As with all things wedding invitations, there are always exceptions. If you’re having a destination wedding, holiday weekend wedding, or another unique circumstance, you might be sending out invitations earlier, which means you’ll likely set an earlier RSVP date.

In conclusion, an RSVP date of about four weeks before the wedding is usually a safe bet. It’s what I recommend to couples I work with on invitations who don’t have any super unique circumstances.

Some of my favorite RSVP cards to date!

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Wedding Day of Stationery: Programs and Menus and Place Cards, oh my!

You’ve mailed out your wedding invitations and it’s time to start thinking about “day of stationery”. If you’re wondering – what the heck is day of stationery, no fear. I use this phrase to refer to any of the paper or design pieces you’ll need for your actual wedding day. Think menus, programs, place cards, signage, and more.

There are a lot of questions that come along with ordering day of stationery:

  • Which pieces do I need?
  • How many of each piece should I order?
  • When do I need to order my day of stationery?
  • How much do these things cost?

I offer day of design pieces exclusively to couples I work with on invitations. I create menus, programs, place cards, and more to match and complement the wedding invitation design. Since I provide full service design I’m happy to share examples and advice when planning for these pieces. There are a few questions that most couples have as we start the day of stationery process!

Floral Wedding Ceremony Program

Ceremony Programs

Programs provide a couple uses for your guests: they give some information about the wedding party and families, something each guest may not know without it being explicitly listed. In warm weather, a program has a double purpose: fans!

Beyond listing the ceremony order, bridal party, and family, the wedding program can contain other information. I’ve had couples list an “unplugged request” (asking guests to put away phones and cameras – read more about unplugged ceremonies here!), fun facts about the couple, and a section to highlight names of loved ones who have passed in remembrance.

Number of Ceremony Programs Needed: 75-80% of your total guest count. Not everyone will pick them up, including the bridal party, but it is nice to have a few extra for keepsakes!

Typical Size of Ceremony Programs: 3.75×9.25, 5×7, or custom

Dinner Menus

If you’re having a plated meal at your reception, menus can be placed at each table setting for guests so they’ll know what to expect as dinner is served. I’ve also seen couples add thank you notes or song lyrics to their menus to make them even more personal.

With a buffet style dinner, it’s likely you don’t need menus for each guest, however you might want to use small signage for the buffet table to identify what is being served. Sometimes caterers provide this, but if not I’m happy to create!

Number of Dinner Menus needed for a Wedding Reception: One per adult guest.

Size of Dinner Menus: 3.75×9.25, 5×7, or Custom

I’m excited to announce I’m now offering circular menus in various sizes!

Wedding Reception Menu

Place Cards

If you have assigned tables with a seating chart, place cards can be at each table to indicate to each guest exactly where to sit. They’re also useful in the case of pre-chosen meals where servers need to know who receives what. Place cards can be flat or folded. Flat place cards work best if you don’t have a menu, since they’re placed on the table settings. Folded place cards stand up like a tent, making it each to identify where to sit.

If you have table assignments, but no seating chart, you’ll want to order escort cards for your wedding reception. Escort cards have the guest’s name and table number. They’re usually placed on a table (folded cards) or hanging from a display (flat cards). If needed, these can also contain the meal identifiers and have a dual purpose: telling guests where to sit and servers which meal goes where.

Number of Place Cards Needed: One per guest

Number of Escort Cards Needed: One per couple or family (assuming they’ll be seated at the same table)

Size of Flat of Folded Place/Escort Cards: 2×3.5, 2.5×3, or custom

Wedding Day Stationery Lavender Dinner Menu


Depending on the event, each couple will require different signage. Signage can tie the invitations and day of pieces together. Some most popular signage ideas for weddings:

Signs can be different sizes, but if they’re going in a photo frame are usually 5×7 or 8×10. With hashtag and bar/drink signs, you might want to order two but usually one of the remaining designs is sufficient!

Number of Signs Needed: Varies depending on logistics

Day of Stationery: Wedding Reception Table Numbers

When to Order Day of Stationery

I recommend starting the process for ordering these pieces about 5 weeks in advance. This gives you time to mail out your invitations and hopefully have some RSVPs returned. We can get started on the designs of each and finalize a quantity before sending to print based on your final guest count number. I recommend sending these pieces to print 3 weeks prior to your wedding date, but definitely no less than 2 weeks before in order to allow for time to print and ship to you.

How Much Does Day of Stationery Cost?

Costs for these pieces will vary greatly depending on the quantity ordered and finished size. Once you have a general estimate of your guest count and an idea for sizing, I’m happy to provide a personalized quote based on exactly what you need! Fill out my questionnaire here to get started!

Photos: Vue Photography Atlanta, Katie Tiller Photography


Your invitation quote is too high? Here’s what to do.

Suffering from a bit of sticker shock after seeing the price of your dream wedding invitations? It happens. Sometimes couples have no idea how much to budget for stationery, which leads to even more surprise seeing a quote for all the options they want. Don’t fret, there are a few things you can do to bring down the cost of your wedding invitations!

First things first, I recommend starting with a quote for everything you want – and then going from there. You can complete my questionnaire right here and I’ll create a customized quote and timeline based on exactly what you need!

If the pricing is in line with your overall wedding budget and you’re super stoked to work with me, then let’s do it!

I understand when a bride or groom comes back asking if there’s any way to lower the cost of their wedding invitations. Everyone is on a budget and whether a couple is paying or parents are helping with costs it’s important to make the most of your hard earned dollar bills.

The easiest way to reduce your stationery costs is to lower the quantity. Often this isn’t an option since so many other things have been decided based on your number of guests. I do recommend double checking your guest list to make sure you aren’t over-ordering wedding invitations. (Remember, you only need one invitation per household, not per guest!) Although you should include about 5-10% extra, you don’t want to spend on pieces that won’t be used. Read this post on ordering extras and how many wedding invitations you need.

DIY Your Envelope Addressing

After you’ve finalized your quantity, the biggest way to lower your quote costs is to remove any addressing. Options for addressing printing are just that – optional. Although, I highly recommend envelope printing (read all the reasons I love it here) it is something you can do yourself to save on budget, just expect to spend more time.

Remove Upgrades

This is hard for me to say, because I’m all about the details. I believe they’re the things that set your wedding, and your wedding invitations, apart from the next. However, I also believe that you can have something beautiful without going into debt over it. Removing some of the “extras” will quickly reduce the overall total and help make the most of your wedding budget.

Things like envelope liners and belly bands can be nixed from your wedding invitation quote if it’s too high. If you’ve priced out a design on upgraded paper, consider choosing a more standard stock – although I’m a huge fan of thick and textured papers, your design will still be beautiful printed on “regular” cardstock. (There’s nothing shabby about the cardstock I use as a standard for all orders, it’s a slightly textured, bright white, 100# cardstock. Order a sample now to see it in person!)

Lavender San Diego Wedding Invitations

Opt for Digital Printing

If you’re like me, I’m almost always immediately drawn to the more expensive things in life – cause pretty wins, right? Choosing metallic foil stamping or letterpress gives your invitations an extra special, luxe, and yes expensive look. So it’s probably not too surprising that these printing methods cost more than digital printing.

You can significantly reduce the expenses of wedding invitations by choosing digital printing. Many couples choose this since it’s more affordable and shows off colorful designs really well. Not sure about different printing methods? Take the quiz to find out which printing method is best for your invites!

I work with couples of various budgets and I’m happy to help point you in the right direction. Let’s get creative with it – start by completing my questionnaire here and I’ll send you a quote based on exactly what you need.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, you’ll like Nine Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations!

Photos + Styling Credit: Molly Weir Photography, Hannah Forsberg


How to Choose Fonts for Wedding Invitations

After you’ve picked a design, chosen a printing method, and selected your envelope colors – it’s time to get started on your wedding invitations! Couples often want to customize a font to really make an invitation design their own. There are so many font options and it can be overwhelming to know where to start!

How to choose fonts for wedding invitations

Fits Wedding Theme

Since your invitations set the tone for your entire wedding, I suggest picking a font that matches. Having a formal, black tie event? Choose a sophisticated script font. Going for a more casual vibe? Opt for a fun, relaxed font.

If you’re thinking “fonts have personalities”? Yes, they do. Just take a look! Same wording, different effects.

Choosing a font for wedding invitations

Fits your Design

You might think it’s impossible to clash fonts and design, but it’s like pairing jewelry with an outfit. You need the right combination to really set perfect tone. Read my tips on how to choose a design for your wedding invitations.

As a designer, I would love to help you find the perfect font to match your design! This is something I’m more than happy to advise couples on as we work together to create their invitation suite.

Gold and Green Monogram Wedding Invitations with envelope liner


Legible and Clear

You want grandma to be able to read your names, right? When picking a font for wedding invitations, make sure it’s something that can be cleary read – especially for the important details like the venue, date, and time! Although the invitation should be pretty, it’s true purpose is to inform your guests of when and where to be, make sure that is legible!

Another thing to consider is how your names look in a certain font. Sometimes a couple might really like a font, but not how their name looks in it! The happens often with capital letters since font creators can do things differently. For example, the capital A and J below look quite different between these fonts. Script Fonts for Wedding Invitations

When creating proofs, I usually have you choose two favorite fonts so you can see both names in each!

Work with your Printing Method

Sometimes the printing method you choose for your invitations will influence the type of font you can use. With digital printing in light colors, foil, and letterpress I recommend staying away from fonts with really thin flourishes (those are the swirls you see coming off each letter). The thinness can get lost in production, making the end product look less than perfect. Check out this post for more information on the different invitation printing methods!

So my dear, have no fear! If we work together, I’ll send you a handy-dandy list of some of font options. I have them categorized so it’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for – fun favorites, traditional scripts, calligraphy-like, and choices for text fonts. I can advise you and provide my expertise on what works with your design, printing method, and more!

Ready to get this party started? Fill out my questionnaire here for a personalized wedding invitation quote!

So my dear, have no fear! If we work together, I’ll send you a handy-dandy list of some of font options. I have them categorized so it’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for – fun favorites, traditional scripts, calligraphy-like, and choices for text fonts. I can advise you and provide my expertise on what works with your design, printing method, and more!

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Summer Wedding Invitation Inspiration

It’s barely February, but time for summer couples to start choosing wedding invitations! Since invitations are mailed 6-8 weeks before the big day, I am now booking for weddings in June, July, and August and sharing some of my favorite summer wedding invitation inspiration!

Read more about when to order and mail your invitations here and order a sample of any of these designs right here!

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Crisp and minimal, this suite fits right in with my prediction for 2019 Wedding Invitation Trends. The greenery accent and monogram really makes it perfect for a wedding of any season, but I love it for a summer wedding! Wondering what exactly letterpress wedding invitations are? Read my post here!

Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Blue has stolen my paper-loving heart this year and the watercolor wash is perfect for a summer wedding by the water! I especially love this design for a destination beach wedding. Customize these invitations by changing the watercolor hue, still keeping the fine art vibe.

Modern Watercolor Wedding Invitations

These bright watercolor, modern invitations are everything I love about summer. These were inspired by a fun tropical beach wedding in Mexico and make me want to fiesta!

Modern Summer Wedding Invitation

Dusty rose has become somewhat of a neutral for wedding color palettes. If you want something simpler and romantic for your summer wedding, this is a hot option. You can customize this suite by changing the color to really make the design your own!

Overwhelmed with all the options for wedding invitation designs? This post gives you some things to consider when picking your perfect paper!

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