Monogram Wedding Invitations

I hail from the south (born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia) and monograms are just a part of life. From baby blankets to car decals, you can monogram just about anything these days! 

The uniting of two lives, and likely a name change, makes weddings the perfect occasion for using a monogram. Wedding invitations with monograms are my best sellers, proof that couples love incorporating them into their big day designs!

Favorite Monogram Wedding Invitations for 2020

Although I am from Georgia, I don’t consider myself to be traditional with design. Your monogram doesn’t have to be standard or boring – I love finding new ways to get creative!

How to Use a Wedding Monogram

The best part about monogram wedding invitations is that you can use the design itself throughout all of your wedding day stationery. From save the dates to thank you cards, and everything in between, add your monogram to create a sense of cohesion. If your wedding was a brand, this would be the logo!

You can add the monogram from your invitations to your ceremony programs, menus, weekend itineraries, and more! Don’t overdo it though, I wouldn’t recommend including it with everything – but having an alternative option could work well if you want to mix things up a bit!

Wedding Invitation Monogram Options

Don’t just limit yourself to paper – I’ve had couples use the monogram I designed to create some really fun things! Turning it into the cover for a guest book, a cake topper, even using it as lighting on the dance floor! I provide a licensing options for my clients so that they can use the monogram however they’d like.

Modern Monogram Wedding Invitations

Wedding Monogram Set Up

So, how do you set up a wedding monogram? Well, if we work together (fingers crossed!) I will take care of this for you. 

If you’re designing your own monogram or are just curious: the traditional wedding monogram is bride’s first initial, shared last initial, and groom’s first initial. Note I mention traditional – it’s 2020 and things aren’t quite as traditional, which I’m here for. Two brides, two grooms, no name change – I’ve got you! 

More often than not, my couples aren’t using the traditional monogram. You can never go wrong with just you and your hunnie’s first initials!

Monogram Wedding Invitations with printed blue belly band

Monogram Wedding Invitation Designs

Good news! A monogram can be added to any of my existing invitation designs – or removed, if you aren’t feeling the monogram trend.

Monograms look great in letterpress (my favorite!), foil stamping, thermography, and digital printing. Wondering which printing method is right for you? Take our quick quiz to find out now!

Monogram Wreath Wedding Invitations

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Where do I start with Wedding Invitation Wording?

The wedding invitation serves two (pretty huge) purposes in your wedding. The invitation is the very first impression of your wedding and should really set the theme for the big day. Guests should see a glimpse of the tone of your wedding just from the invitation. Your wedding invitation should not only be beautiful, but informative. It’s kind of a big deal that everyone knows when and where it’s going down! Making sure your wedding invitation wording is clear, correct, and informative is extremely key.

Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

Once my bridal clients have signed off on my contract and paid the deposit, I’m ready to get started! Often, many reach out to me at this point with the same question, “do you have any examples of wedding invitation wording?” Well funny you asked, of course I do! The chance that this is a bride’s first time planning a wedding is pretty likely and the wedding invitation wording seems to be unfamiliar territory.

I typically begin by explaining that wedding invitation wording is truly customizable and open to interpretation. Cue the overwhelm. Let me break it down for ya!

Who’s hosting?

The wedding invitation typically opens with the hosts (aka who’s paying) inviting guests to attend. Traditionally, this was the bride’s parents as they were funding the operation and “giving away” their daughter to a suitable bachelor. I love traditional wording, as it really encompasses the overall idea of a wedding. However, many couples have moved away from traditional wording because there are hosts other than (or in addition to) the bride’s parents. I also think people choose to forgo traditional wording as it seems, well too traditional. To each their own!


The names of the bride and groom are the focus of the wedding invitation wording. If including the bride’s parent’s full names, the bride’s name is listed as first and middle only. If the parent’s names aren’t on the invitation, the bride and groom can be listed with their full names (up to preference to include middle names!)

Printing Method for Wedding Invitation Quiz

The Ceremony

This is where you can get creative with your wording! A more traditional way to invite people to your ceremony would be along the lines of “request the pleasure of your company at the marriage”, but options to go less traditional are endless. One of my favorites is “invite you to join as they celebrate their love”, ‘cause it just sounds like endless happiness!

The When & Where

In my opinion, this information should be listed in the same way whether opting for something more traditional or modern. Bringing in design elements will allow you to get fun with this part. The date, including the year, and time should be spelled out. The location should be listed with the address using no abbreviations. And for the love of all things pretty, no zip code! Zip codes are for mailing, not for invitations.

The Closing

In literary class, this was known as the conclusion. Most ceremonies are followed by a reception and a short, sweet way to end the wedding invitation wording is with “Reception to Follow”. I love when couples choose to get creative with the closing! One of my favorites included “bring your dancing shoes!”

If you’ve read the above, my hats off to you! You’ve taken in a lot of information about wedding invitation wording. As a visual learner, I’ve provided some examples of wedding invitation wording in action. Click to open and feel free to modify from there!

Formal Traditional Wedding Invitation WordingInformal Wedding Invitation Wording

Casual Wedding Invitation WordingNontraditional Wedding Invitation Wording

Click your theme to open wedding invitation wording samples!

Check out my tips on wedding invitation wording for sticky situations here!

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Bachelor in Paradise Wedding Invitation Inspiration

This year, I challenged myself to create and produce at least one new design every quarter. What was popular in wedding invitations five years ago isn’t the same and as trends change and my own design aesthetic evolves, it’s important to continue creating!

Since moving to San Diego, I’m super inspired by the “California casual” vibe. I also love “surfer chic” and “coastal-boho-modern”. These phrases might feel silly, but’s is a aesthetic, lifestyle, and vibe that give me all the heart eyes. Whether it’s clothing, interior design, or weddings – I am into it.

Modern Letterpress Invitations

The Invitation Inspiration

When designing, I always start with inspiration – sometimes a wedding venue, but in this case I started with a couple: Hannah and Dylan of Bachelor in Paradise. Not only are they totally adorable, but have the best #vibes. (Vibe count is up to three now, I’ll try to lay off). 

Their relationship feels playful, laid back, and loving. Even though they had to go on a reality TV show to meet, something about them just feels effortless. 

Dylan is a SoCal boy and Hannah is a Southern girl who now finds herself in Southern California. (I can relate – I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to San Diego for my love interest as well!)

I wanted to give an ode to their love story and personalities within the invitation design. It doesn’t always have to be a literal representation, but the overall look and feel! Minimalist, but fun. Modern, with a touch of bohemian flair!

Letterpress Invitations with Vellum Envelopes

Instead of the typical wedding monogram, I created something unique with their date.

Letterpress Love

I love letterpress for wedding invitations – the texture is unmatched and sure to be the perfect first impression for your guests (pun totally intended). Read more about what exactly letterpress is here – and why I love it so, so much!

The taupe letterpress ink makes these invitations perfect for a wedding of any season (even though we don’t have true seasons here in SoCal!)

I paired with the vellum mailing envelope to bring the element of surprise and a black RSVP envelope to give a hint of formality. Even though these two are laid back, they have an elevated style that can be brought to their wedding day.

Your Custom Wedding Invitations

Like this Bachelor in Paradise wedding invitation and want to customize it for your love fest? We can change the colors, fonts, wording, envelopes, and even the printing method to fit your wedding vibe. Yes, it’s a vibe! 

Let’s make some pretty paper together!
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What are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations?

Rather than having something created completely from scratch, semi custom wedding invitations start with an existing design. You can choose to modify things like colors, wording, fonts, and more. 

Why Choose a Semi Custom Design?

They’re less expensive

I feel confident in saying that no matter which stationer you choose to work with, opting for a semi custom wedding invitation will be less expensive than going totally custom. The time involved for the designer is much less and pricing will reflect that.

With my semi custom designs, I charge no design fee – couples can change things like wording, fonts, colors, and printing method and it’s all included! My custom designs start at $150 and go up from there, so semi custom does save a bit if you’re looking to hold onto a few dolla dolla bills for honeymoon spending!

They’re quicker

Another bonus of semi custom invitations is that the turnaround is much quicker. For the same reasons above, a custom design can take much longer to produce. It’s absolutely worth the wait, but if you’re in a crunch semi custom wedding invitations make a great option!

Are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations Right for You?

In the words of Ariana, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”. A lot of couples shopping for wedding invitations find a design they like and don’t see any reason to make major changes. I totally get that – and semi custom invitations are perfect in this case!

If you’ve found something you like, why complicate a good thing? 

How to Customize an Existing Design

Invitation Wording

All wording on invitations, RSVP cards, inserts, (all of the pieces) is 100% customizable. Maybe you like a design with traditional wording but want to go a little more informal or vice versa! You can learn more about wedding invitation wording right here.


One way to customize the entire look of an existing design is to change fonts. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, I’m happy to recommend a font that would change the look and feel to fit. If we work together, I’ll send you a fun list of all my font choices.


Other than the floral artwork in some designs, all colors are customizable. This includes envelope colors as well – all orders include your choice of colored envelopes! Whether you’re using digital printing, thermography, foil stamping, or letterpress – ink and foil colors are customizable as well. Wondering which printing method is right for you? Take the quiz here!

Printing Method

Speaking of printing method, that’s customizable too. See a letterpress design but want it in gold foil? We can do that. Want to add a pop of texture and have your names printed in thermography? Totally doable and all included with semi custom designs.

Mix and Match Designs

In the past, there have been couples who liked elements from two different designs. Pulling from both to create their dream invitation is actually one of my favorite ways to customize and existing design! As long as there are no major layout changes, this falls under the semi custom design. 

Interested in using one of my semi custom designs for your wedding invitations? Fill out my questionnaire here and let’s chat!


White Ink Printed Wedding Invitations

I’m super excited to announce that I’m now offering white ink printing in house! This means I can bring it to you at a lower cost and with a quicker turnaround (double YAY!) 

I predicted white ink printing to be one of the major trends for 2020 wedding invitations. Other than calligraphy, having envelopes actually printed with white hasn’t been super accessible or affordable. The workaround for using white is now widely known and many designers are offering it as an option, which is why it’s currently #trending!

White ink addressing allows you to use a dark colored envelope for mailing your invitations – something I couldn’t offer previously! So bring on the moody wedding vibes, please!

You’ll have the option to do your invitation, insert cards, and/or envelope addressing in white ink. It looks great on black, navy, grey, burgundy, forest green, dusty rose, and dusty blue – just to name a few!

Interested in white ink printing for your wedding invitations? Complete this questionnaire here to get a customized quote!

San Diego Wedding Invitations


Common Wedding Invitation Terms

When you start wedding planning and begin to shop for invitations, there are a lot of words you might come across you haven’t ever heard before. Consider this your wedding invitation glossary! 

What is a wedding invitation suite?

A suite is the term used to refer to the wedding invitation “package”. It’s your invitation plus all the coordinating pieces that go with it. My standard suite includes the invitation, mailing envelope, RSVP card, and RSVP envelope. Rather than saying invitations, suite encompasses everything together!

Any add-ons that you put with your invitation become part of the suite. For example, embellishments like envelope liners and extra insert cards (for things like the rehearsal dinner!)

Minimalist Monogram Wedding Invitation

What is an invitation proof?

The proof is the beginning part of the design process – it’s the digital design of your invitation suite. A proof is sent so you can not only review things like spelling and information, but also to give you a concept of what the actual printed product will look like. 

Although colors can appear much differently on a screen, the proof should give you a pretty good idea of what your invitation will look like IRL. In my process, I do three rounds of proofs: the original + two rounds to make any edits or changes before approving to print.

What are printing methods?

The printing method is the way your invitation will be printed. I currently offer options for digital printing, thermography, foil stamping, and letterpress. Each printing method gives a different look + feel and pricing can vary greatly between then. 

Read my full post here on the differences between printing methods and take the quiz to find out which best fits your wedding style and budget!

What does semi custom mean?

When it comes to wedding invitations, I offer custom and semi custom designs. For custom designs, I work with a couple to create a moodboard and design their invitation based on a look and concept we discuss. You can learn more about my custom design process here

With semi custom designs, a couple finds one of my existing invitation designs to make their own. There’s no charge for changing things like colors (other than artwork), envelopes, printing methods, fonts, and wording. If there are changes to the artwork itself or the overall layout is changed, semi custom designs can incur a design fee. Most of the couples I work with choose to order semi custom wedding invitations.

What are belly bands?

To be honest, the phrase belly band kinda makes me cringe a little. It’s not something I would associate with wedding invitations if I didn’t have the industry experience. However silly, it’s the words used to describe the band that goes around the invitation suite to keep everything organized

Besides being functional, belly bands are also just really pretty! They add a decorative element to your invitations and can be a fun way to bring in another color or show off your wedding monogram.

Tuscan Wedding Invitations

What’s an inner envelope?

Traditionally, wedding invitations were mailed with double envelopes: the outer with the formal name and full address, the inner with the first names of the people invited. It’s been said this started way back when mail was delivered by horse and buggy. The outer envelopes would get dirty during mailing, thus inner envelopes were used to protect the pretty paper inside.

Now that we live in the times of the modern post office, the need for double envelopes has decreased. I recommend them for very formal and/or traditional weddings and for heavier invitation suites. When using double thick paper, adding an inner envelope or envelope liner helps protect the contents – just like what they were originally designed for!

Inner envelopes are also helpful to be very clear and specific with who is and who isn’t invited to the wedding. It allows you to be explicit by addressing the invitation only to the intended guests.

What’s an envelope liner?

Envelope liners are one of my favorite invitation details! It’s a piece of paper (or other light + flexible material) that goes inside your envelope. They’re a fun way to surprise your guests, add a unique design element, and can be helpful to give protection when mailing.

Read more about envelope liners and if you need one for your wedding invitations here.

What is invitation finishing?

I think the term finishing might be unique to my process – other stationer’s could include it with “assembly”. For my orders, finishing includes your RSVP envelope printing, RSVP postage, and full assembly (including envelope stuffing) if you also add mailing envelope printing. Basically it’s the option to have everything done for you – or to do it yourself! 

The couples I work with are split on adding full finishing – it’s totally preference! I do recommend finishing for suites that have in-depth layers so that I can fully assembly everything. Otherwise, you’re responsible for tying twine, adding belly bands, or putting together pockets – and since I know it takes some practice, I’m happy to handle that for you.
Well, there you have it! You’re pretty much a wedding invitation professional now. Questions? Interested in working together? I’d love to hear from you!

San Diego Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2020

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or if 2019 was a fluke – but this year flew by! In wedding time, we’re well into next year as couples order invitations 4-6 months before the big day.

Every year, styles, tastes, and preferences change and evolve a bit. I’m excited to share wedding invitation trends for 2020. Based not only on what the couples I work with tend to start choosing, but fashion, lifestyle, and even interior design.

Trends that are Sticking Around

Wedding Monograms

Wedding invitations and monograms go together like coffee and creamer. (Writing this in the morning, can you tell? I’m just sayin – they’re a great pair!) Monograms are the perfect detail to use as a design and great because you can reuse them throughout your entire wedding suite – stamps, programs, menus, thank you cards, and more!

Monogram wedding invitations were super popular in 2019 and this design has already been my most requested for weddings next year. I also see couples choosing simple letter monograms for modern weddings.

Monogram Letterpress Invitation

Blues and Greens

This year, blue and green tones made up a huge portion of my couple’s wedding color palettes. There are so many shades that can apply to every season and it’s a color that looks great on most people when considering bridesmaid’s dresses.

Along with pink, wedding invitations with blue and green are sticking around for 2020 weddings. My favorite way to bring these in is by choosing a colored envelope – included with all wedding invitation suites!

Update: Pantone has announced Classic Blue as the color of the year for 2020! I’m not surprised since blue has been a strong color in wedding palettes recently – and am happy to know it’s sticking around for a little longer.

Wedding Invitation Samples

Envelope Liners

I began designing wedding invitations in 2014, where couples were using envelope liners in colorful floral patterns (Rifle Paper Co was a fave!). Although the designs have changed, the concept of envelope liners is here to stay – and growing in popularity.

Not only are liners a fun detail and way to bring in another color, but also protect your invitations during mailing. There are a few packages where I really recommend envelope liners, like when using double thick cardstock. Read this post on determining whether you need envelope liners – or just want them!

What’s In: Wedding Invitation Trends for 2020

Minimalist, Modern Design

Less artwork, more white space! I’m excited to see couples opt for more minimalist and modern designs for 2020 weddings. Although there are a few floral designs that remain popular, the requests for overall “simpler” invitations is growing.

Brides and grooms want to make a statement without going overboard on design. They’re choosing to invest in details like upgraded printing methods, textured paper, vellum jackets, and wax seals — keeping the design itself minimalist for an effortless feel. 

Foil Printing, Rose Gold

Pink, blush, dusty rose, mauve, whatever you want to call it has always had a place in wedding invitations. Especially for the couples I work with, ‘cause it’s a personal favorite of mine. 

As a unique way to bring in pink, rose gold foil printing is going to be super popular for wedding invitations in 2020. Whether you want to go full-on romantic with rose gold floral artwork and pink envelopes, or just use the foil for emphasis on your names, I know we’ll be seeing an appearance of it in many wedding suites this year!

Rose Gold Wedding Invitation Trends

Letterpress and Thick Paper

Letterpress is great for minimalist designs due to the limited number of ink colors that can be used. I think the overall aesthetic of letterpress is both modern and classic (it is printed with a centuries old machine after all!) which couples appreciate. Invitations with letterpress are printed on 220# double thick, luxe cotton cardstock – who can resist? 

Check out this post for more information on exactly what letterpress printing is and why I love it so much.

Wondering which printing method is right for your wedding invitations? Take the quick quiz here to find out now!

Wedding Invitation Printing Method Quiz

Dark Envelopes and White Ink Printing

I’m torn between calling the trend of “dark envelopes” or “white ink printing”. Is it dark envelopes because people love white ink or is it white ink because people love dark envelopes? We may never know, but I’m here for it!

This year, I am looking forward to working with couples who want to bring in white ink printing on their envelopes. It will really add a pop to black, dark green, and burgundy envelopes. I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering white ink printing in house! Read more about it right here.

Wondering about envelope address printing for your wedding invitations? This post has all the details!

Mix and Match Suites

My favorite wedding invitation trend for 2020 is the mismatched wedding suites! Using different printing methods and different papers is such a fun way to bring in unique details. This suite is the ultimate mix and match: an invitation with rose gold, insert card using thermography on recycled kraft paper, and mismatched envelopes. Give your paper some personality!

Mixing printing methods can also be effective for couples on a budget. Want to use foil on your invitations, but keep some dollars for honeymoon spending? Opt for an invitation with foil and print the insert cards digitally. Since only one piece is using upgraded printing method, your overall cost will be significantly less! 

Mix and Match Wedding Invitation Trends

At the end of the {wedding} day, it’s all about what you love. Trending or not, your invitation design should represent you as a couple and set the tone for the entire event. These aren’t rules or absolutes and I encourage every couple to have fun with their paper, so you do you, girl!

Are you getting married this year? I’d love to work together to create your dream wedding invitations! Start by ordering a sample or downloading my Information + Pricing Guide.

Which printing method is right for your invitations?

Foil and letterpress and thermography, oh my!

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