Rather than having something created completely from scratch, semi custom wedding invitations start with an existing design. You can choose to modify things like colors, wording, fonts, and more. 

Why Choose a Semi Custom Design?

They’re less expensive

I feel confident in saying that no matter which stationer you choose to work with, opting for a semi custom wedding invitation will be less expensive than going totally custom. The time involved for the designer is much less and pricing will reflect that.

With my semi custom designs, I charge no design fee – couples can change things like wording, fonts, colors, and printing method and it’s all included! My custom designs start at $150 and go up from there, so semi custom does save a bit if you’re looking to hold onto a few dolla dolla bills for honeymoon spending!

They’re quicker

Another bonus of semi custom invitations is that the turnaround is much quicker. For the same reasons above, a custom design can take much longer to produce. It’s absolutely worth the wait, but if you’re in a crunch semi custom wedding invitations make a great option!

Are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations Right for You?

In the words of Ariana, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”. A lot of couples shopping for wedding invitations find a design they like and don’t see any reason to make major changes. I totally get that – and semi custom invitations are perfect in this case!

If you’ve found something you like, why complicate a good thing? 

How to Customize an Existing Design

Invitation Wording

All wording on invitations, RSVP cards, inserts, (all of the pieces) is 100% customizable. Maybe you like a design with traditional wording but want to go a little more informal or vice versa! You can learn more about wedding invitation wording right here.


One way to customize the entire look of an existing design is to change fonts. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, I’m happy to recommend a font that would change the look and feel to fit. If we work together, I’ll send you a fun list of all my font choices.


Other than the floral artwork in some designs, all colors are customizable. This includes envelope colors as well – all orders include your choice of colored envelopes! Whether you’re using digital printing, thermography, foil stamping, or letterpress – ink and foil colors are customizable as well. Wondering which printing method is right for you? Take the quiz here!

Printing Method

Speaking of printing method, that’s customizable too. See a letterpress design but want it in gold foil? We can do that. Want to add a pop of texture and have your names printed in thermography? Totally doable and all included with semi custom designs.

Mix and Match Designs

In the past, there have been couples who liked elements from two different designs. Pulling from both to create their dream invitation is actually one of my favorite ways to customize and existing design! As long as there are no major layout changes, this falls under the semi custom design. 

Interested in using one of my semi custom designs for your wedding invitations? Fill out my questionnaire here and let’s chat!


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