You’ve probably never ordered wedding invitations before. You might have some preconceived notions or ideas and not knowing what to expect is ok. I’m just breaking down some of the bad stereotypes associated with your wedding stationery.

Have you heard these wedding invitation myths?

wedding invitation myths

They’re Just a Piece of Paper

I cringed when a potential client at a consultation mentioned not really caring much about wedding invitations because “they’re just a piece of paper” and “everyone just throws them away”. Yikes! Like a dagger straight into my paper lovin’ heart.

Yes, they’re paper. Yes, a lot of people will throw them away. But I’m here to let you know – it’s so much more than that. 

Invitations are the first impression of your entire wedding! I know you’ve picked out your venue, dress, flowers, cake, and music with care – your paper is the preview of all the other details to come. Your wedding invitation sets the tone — and can even subconsciously tell guests what to wear. 

Your guests will be excited open your invitation – just imagine they look on their faces as they realize what they’ve gotten in the mail. Sure, many will toss it out once the big day has come and gone. And that’s ok! But for you, your parents, and the other special people in your lives, your invitation is one of the only things you keep after the wedding is over. It’s an heirloom, and much more than just a piece of paper.

They’re Boring

Long gone are the days of traditional wedding invitations – for most. Of course, if going traditional fits your personality and style, then by all means go for it! 

Even just fifteen years ago, the choices for wedding invitation designs were pretty limited. With creative ideas and design flourishing, along with people finding their unique styles, we now have endless options to choose from!

It’s almost 2020 and wedding invitations are a fun way to incorporate your personality and style into the big day. Rules are made to be broken and invitations can be as extra as you want, without judgement.

A few of my favorite ways to incorporate personality into your invitations: fun fonts, color, artwork, hints of your favorite things, envelope liners, sassy wording, and more! Check out this post for finding the perfect design for your own wedding invitations.

Custom Wedding Invitations are Expensive

First things first, “expensive” is a subjective term. What’s expensive to one person could be a total steal for another. It’s possible custom wedding invitations will run the budget a bit more than your standard but there’s a reason for it – and you can always adjust to get pricing exactly where you’re comfortable.

Before you skip out on custom wedding invitations and go straight for the online discount stores with all the coupon codes (you know what I’m talking about), take the time to reach out and get a quote! You might be surprised that an upgraded experience doesn’t break the bank.

When you’re having something made especially for you, there will absolutely be additional costs associated. It takes time, expertise, and creativity to design but because these are such an important detail of your big day – don’t skip out!

There are so many ways to work with a designer and bring the cost down – choosing a semi custom design (rather than a custom, from scratch design), opting for a more budget-friendly printing method, DIY-ing your envelope addressing, and more. Take the time to get a quote before you dismiss the idea of boutique invitations (that come with an invitation fairy godmother).


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