You probably haven’t hired a wedding invitation designer before and likely have no idea what to expect. I totally get that – it can be overwhelming in the beginning. There are endless options, questions you might feel like you can’t ask, and just general confusion around the whole process. What are the differences in printing methods? Why can’t I use a metallic envelope? Which colors would go best with my theme?

My goal is to make the process as easy as possible – and hopefully even a little fun. I call myself your Invitation Fairy Godmother because I’m taking any stress from this part of your wedding planning away with a flick of my magic wand (aka my trusty Macbook). Don’t just take my word for it, read reviews here from past couples!

So if you’re wondering what the whole process looks like, I’m sharing what it’s like to work one-on-one with me to create your invitations. 

You can expect lots of exclamation points

‘Cause I’m super excited to work with you! Yes, really. I truly love my job and have so much gratitude that you’ve chosen ME to create your invitations. I’m super excited I could do cartwheels – but my office is pretty small, so joyful emails with have to suffice.

I’m hoping you’re just as excited and my over use of “yay!” will rub off on you. If that’s not your style, that’s totally fine – just accept me for who I am and I’ll do the same.

I’ll give you my opinion

You’re working with me, instead of ordering from a website, because you want a human’s touch. My promise to you is that you’ll get my professional opinion, suggestions, and advice. 

Need help with wording etiquette? I can send you examples and get creative with new ways to word things. 

Wondering which color envelopes will work best? Since I have hundreds of options, I’ll narrow down a few based on your color palette and vibe, present you with choices, and let you know which I think would be perfect! 

Have no clue about printing methods? You can read this post to learn more – or just ask! A lot of the printing method will be determined by your budget and I will point you in the right direction so you can get your dream design without breakin’ the bank. (and have more dollars for your honeymoon, right?!)

Whatever the question, I’ll give you not only the options, but my opinion. I always encourage couples to choose and do whatever they feel is best, but want you to have all the facts to make a decision!


As much as I’m all about the YAY! and the fun, I also know the importance of being a professional. I’ve been designing invitations and working with couples for over five years and have learned a few things along the way. I want to be your friend just as much as a professionally respected vendor to help you with your wedding details. 

As a business owner who prioritizes customer service, I guarantee a few things. You’ll always get a response from me within two business days. Whether you’re asking questions before booking, making edits to a proof, or checking on your order during production – I will have an answer for you. Communicating well and setting expectations leads to 100% satisfaction and I am here for that! 

I take on a limited number of clients so you get the attention and focus you deserve. Each couple is a priority during both the design and production process. It’s possible you’ll feel like you’re the only client, because I really do give you my full energy!

Quality Product

Behind the scenes, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to production. I source top quality materials and use high quality printers to bring my designs to life. A lot of research, mistakes, money, and time has gone into providing clients with the best product that I possibly can. 

I know how important a wedding invitation is and if it’s not perfect, I go back to my vendors to find a solution. You can rest your head at night knowing I’m handling this detail for you!

Reviews and Testimonials

It feels a little strange to talk so highly of myself, but I’ve got the reviews to back it up! I’ve worked with so many amazing couples and it brings me so much joy to know how happy they’ve been with choosing me as their invitation designer.

Read my reviews: on Google (Atlanta), on Google (San Diego), The Knot, Wedding Wire

Ready to chat about your dream invitations? Start by filling out my questionnaire, I can’t wait to hear from you! If you’re in San Diego and need wedding invitations, we can set up a consultation to chat in person.


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