Invitations are a small detail with a big job – they’re the very first impression of your wedding day and should be a sneak peek of things to come. I love working with couples to find a design that reflects not only their wedding theme, but their personalities and style. The invitation is a chance to have fun and make the little details count!

One of my favorite ways to surprise and delight guests with a unique detail is through envelope liners. If you’re wondering what the heck an envelope liner is and if you actually need them for your invitations – have no fear! I’m gonna break it down for ya.

Travel Themed Wedding Invitations with a map envelope liner

What are envelope liners?

Envelope liners are just what they sound like – paper (or other flexible material) that goes inside your wedding invitation envelope. There are so many possibilities for design and it can be a fun way to delight your guests as they open their mail. 

They’re more than just pretty paper, because envelope liners help protect your invitation suite through the mail. Sometimes the post office can get a little rough and liners give some extra stiffness to your envelope to ensure your paper doesn’t get bent or torn.

What do envelope liners look like?

Here’s where it gets really fun! Envelope liners are perfect to bring in an additional color through the invitation suite or add a pop of personality. I offer solid colored envelope liners (the gold leaf shown below is a best seller!) and patterned envelope liners like the floral print above that can be printed in any color.

There’s also an option for a custom printed liner if you want something to match your design. This is a good place for artwork, a wedding monogram, or even a photo! Lastly, I offer hand cut envelope liners from things like speciality paper, gift wrap, and maps.

Have a vision for your own design? Let’s chat and see what detail we can come up with together!

Do I need envelope liners?

In many cases, envelope liners are totally an optional upgrade. However, there are a couple instances where I recommend either adding a liner or doing double envelopes – outer mailing envelope containing an inner envelope.

For invitations printed on double thick paper (yum), I always suggest a liner as support. Unless you have special postage, most envelopes are run through a sorting machine at the post office. With the heavy cardstock, it can cause problems since it’s extra thick. 

If you do an invitation with a brad attachment, ribbon, or anything else that bulks up the envelope, adding a liner is a good idea. For the reasons above, you want to give your invitation the best chance to make it to your guests looking as pretty as it did when you mailed it!

How do I assemble envelope liners?

You don’t. That’s what I’m here for – as your invitation fairy godmother (cheesy, but true) I’ll put your liners in your envelopes. It’s one less thing off your to do list and since I’ve done this before you can rest assured they’ll look really good. 

If you opt to have your envelopes printed (which I highly recommend! Read more about envelope printing in this post.) with assembly, your invitations will be shipped to you stuffed and ready to mail. Just add postage, seal shut, and off they go!

Wondering if envelope liners fit your wedding budget? Get a free, personalized quote today for your dream invitations!


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