Maybe it’s just because I moved to California, but everywhere I look I see more and more inspiration for boho, or bohemian, themed weddings. It’s likely not just my West Coast location, since Pinterest and Instagram are also full of boho wedding ideas from all over the country. Couples are loving this trend because it has a casual, fun feel and you can really take it in any direction to make it your own.

Boho weddings have a laid back and whimsical elements, which in my opinion is how a wedding should feel! Celebrating your love with family and friends is the ultimate goal and there’s no reason it can’t have a more relaxed vibe. It can be done in any season and has a wide variety of color palette options. I’ve seen beautiful boho weddings using everything from blues and pinks to more muted, neutral colors.

Since invitations are the first impression of the wedding day, and set the tone for the entire event, every boho wedding needs a boho invitation! Here are some of my favorites –

Blue and Gold Foil

I love this blue and gold foil invitation for a boho beach wedding. The watercolor encompasses the laid back vibe and can be customized to fit your own wedding colors! The gold foil glams up the look a bit and there are several options for different foil colors, including rose gold. These would also make perfect destination wedding invitations for any wedding by or on the water!

Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation
Blue and Gold Wedding Invitation

Minimalist Modern Mix

Can you say that five times fast? The casual vibe of these “I’m not trying too hard, but I’m still a show stopper” invitations is truly perfect for what I envision as a modern boho wedding! A little bit a glam, a little bit of color, and a whole lotta white space. The rose gold invitation paired with the thermography printed, recycled kraft paper insert card and colored envelopes makes this simple design a statement piece.

Boho Blue Florals

I can’t talk about boho invitations without showing off a floral design. This suite has been one of my most popular in recent months and continues to hold strong. It really works for almost any season and has the fun, trendy vibe. Dress it up by adding foil or letterpress printing for the text!

Blue Floral Wedding Invitations
Blue Boho Floral Wedding Invitations

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