Suffering from a bit of sticker shock after seeing the price of your dream wedding invitations? It happens. Sometimes couples have no idea how much to budget for stationery, which leads to even more surprise seeing a quote for all the options they want. Don’t fret, there are a few things you can do to bring down the cost of your wedding invitations!

First things first, I recommend starting with a quote for everything you want – and then going from there. You can complete my questionnaire right here and I’ll create a customized quote and timeline based on exactly what you need!

If the pricing is in line with your overall wedding budget and you’re super stoked to work with me, then let’s do it!

I understand when a bride or groom comes back asking if there’s any way to lower the cost of their wedding invitations. Everyone is on a budget and whether a couple is paying or parents are helping with costs it’s important to make the most of your hard earned dollar bills.

The easiest way to reduce your stationery costs is to lower the quantity. Often this isn’t an option since so many other things have been decided based on your number of guests. I do recommend double checking your guest list to make sure you aren’t over-ordering wedding invitations. (Remember, you only need one invitation per household, not per guest!) Although you should include about 5-10% extra, you don’t want to spend on pieces that won’t be used. Read this post on ordering extras and how many wedding invitations you need.

DIY Your Envelope Addressing

After you’ve finalized your quantity, the biggest way to lower your quote costs is to remove any addressing. Options for addressing printing are just that – optional. Although, I highly recommend envelope printing (read all the reasons I love it here) it is something you can do yourself to save on budget, just expect to spend more time.

Remove Upgrades

This is hard for me to say, because I’m all about the details. I believe they’re the things that set your wedding, and your wedding invitations, apart from the next. However, I also believe that you can have something beautiful without going into debt over it. Removing some of the “extras” will quickly reduce the overall total and help make the most of your wedding budget.

Things like envelope liners and belly bands can be nixed from your wedding invitation quote if it’s too high. If you’ve priced out a design on upgraded paper, consider choosing a more standard stock – although I’m a huge fan of thick and textured papers, your design will still be beautiful printed on “regular” cardstock. (There’s nothing shabby about the cardstock I use as a standard for all orders, it’s a slightly textured, bright white, 100# cardstock. Order a sample now to see it in person!)

Lavender San Diego Wedding Invitations

Opt for Digital Printing

If you’re like me, I’m almost always immediately drawn to the more expensive things in life – cause pretty wins, right? Choosing metallic foil stamping or letterpress gives your invitations an extra special, luxe, and yes expensive look. So it’s probably not too surprising that these printing methods cost more than digital printing.

You can significantly reduce the expenses of wedding invitations by choosing digital printing. Many couples choose this since it’s more affordable and shows off colorful designs really well. Not sure about different printing methods? Take the quiz to find out which printing method is best for your invites!

I work with couples of various budgets and I’m happy to help point you in the right direction. Let’s get creative with it – start by completing my questionnaire here and I’ll send you a quote based on exactly what you need.

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