So you’ve found the one – the perfect wedding invitation, that is. But you’re unsure on which printing method to choose, or what the heck the difference even is!

I currently offer invitations with digital printing, foil stamping, letterpress, and thermography. There are also options to combine more than one technique for an extra exciting design!

How to choose a printing method for your wedding invitations

When it comes to choosing, there are three big factors that drive the decision: desired results, budget, and timeline. If you’re on a tight budget and or tight timeline, digital printing can be a good option. It’s the most flexible for incorporating artwork or lots of color. Read more on how much wedding invitations cost and how to make the most of your stationery budget here!

If you’re considering adding something super special to your suite, I’ll jump for joy to design a suite that incorporates foil, letterpress, or thermography. The details of a wedding day are what set it apart from the next wedding. Since the invitation is the very first detail, make it count!

Digital Printing

Invitations printed digitally get a lot of points because they’re the least expensive with the quickest turnaround. This method is versatile with fewer limitations that any other printing method.

With digital printing, you can incorporate full color artwork. Digital printing can be done alone or as the base of a foil or letterpress design. If you love colorful florals, but want to add a special touch – I can make that happen with a combination print.

If your design is 100% digitally printed, you’ll be able to run your fingers across the printed paper and not feel anything. I offer a variety of paper options for digital printing, including double thick 240# cardstock if you’re feeling fancy! Yum.

San Diego Wedding Invitations

Foil Stamping

You’ve likely seen invitations with stamping – it gives a true metallic look and you can see the shimmer as you move the paper. Foil is a great way to add a bit of glam to your invitation design! It can be done alone or with a digitally printed base.

I currently have 16 options of foil colors. My favorites are gold, copper, and rose gold, but there are also choices from teal to violet! Shoot me a quick message if you’re interested in seeing all the options!

My foil stamped wedding invitations are printed on 130# cardstock, although there are several options for different weights and textures. Want a custom quote for your invitations? Complete my questionnaire here!

Watercolor and Foil Wedding Invitations


I have a serious love for letterpress wedding invitations. Traditional letterpress machines date back to the 15th century making it a true antique. Pairing the old printing method with more modern designs pleases my paper-loving heart.

You’ll know you’re holding a letterpress invitation if the design looks like it was pushed (pressed) into the thick cardstock paper. Because of the method to produce, letterpress can be done in a maximum of two colors. However, it can be paired with digital printing for a full color look! I wrote an entire blog post here on the production and details of letterpress invitations.

Simple Letterpress Invitations


A thermography invitation will have the ink raised – somewhat similar to engraving. In my opinion, this is the most traditional look of printing wedding invitations. It gives the glam vibe, but without the shiny-ness of foil stamping.

Currently, I have 36 (yep, a lot) of choices for thermography ink. You’re limited on two colors when using thermography, but like the other methods, it can be paired with digital printing.

Choosing a Printing Method for Wedding Invitations

I created a quick quiz (just five fun questions) to help you decide which printing method is best for you. Let me know what results you get by leaving a comment below!

Hopefully this has given information to think about, but a lot of the method you’ll choose will be determined by the overall design and feel you want. Download my Pricing + Information Guide for details on the process and to get a general idea of costs.

Not sure which printing method to choose for your wedding invitations? Details on digital printing, foil stamping, letterpress, and thermography - which is right for you?

I would love to put together a custom quote based on your needs – just fill out my questionnaire here!


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