When I started designing wedding invitations almost six years ago, what couples wanted were significantly different than what brides and grooms look for today! Each year styles, tastes, and preferences changes – it can be fun to watch!

I don’t look to wedding websites or trend-report blogs, but base what I think is “in” related to fashion, interior decor, and lifestyle. My aesthetic is constantly changing and evolving as well and I’m excited to explore things a little differently this year!

2019 Wedding Invitation Trends

What’s Staying

There are some trends that are too good to say goodbye to – yet!

Wedding Monograms

I think monograms on wedding invitations will continue to hold strong for 2019. I love that it’s a detail that can be used throughout all your wedding day stationery and is so personal. It ties everything together without being overly “theme-y”. (May or may not have just made that word up!)

Monogram Wedding Invitation with Belly Band

Soft Colors

Even though Pantone named the bright and bold Live Coral as the 2019 color of the year, I think a lot of wedding palettes will still include soft colors. Soft blues were by far my most popular color for the second half of 2018 and I see them hanging around for a bit longer – and I’m definitely not mad about it! Along with the dusty blues, I think blush, lavender, light greens, and muted greys will make an appearance in many invitation designs!

Colored Envelopes

One of my favorite details, and something that sets my shop apart from the big invitation websites, is colored envelopes. It’s such a fun way to bring in your palette and hints at something exciting to your guests as soon as they open their mailbox. I’m still cheering for colored envelopes for all of 2019!

What’s Out

I am sad to say some of my favorite things are becoming less popular this year. Hoping I am proven wrong!

Overly Done or Colorful Artwork

Yes, I didn’t say I was happy about it. I see wedding invitations this year going more minimal in terms of color and design. So many of my invitation designs include colorful artwork (and those designs will remain in the shop), but my new collection will have much less art. Text will be complemented by lines, borders, and white space!

Super Scripty Fonts

To echo the above, I think invitation designs will have less overly scripty, cursive fonts and more text – especially for couples names! This reflects the minimal and simplistic vibe that I’m loving and I see a lot of weddings using. I believe calligraphy, hand drawn, and traditional script fonts will find a place, but 2018’s trendy swirls and flourishes will fade out.


I’ve watched the decline on pocket style wedding invitations over the last few years. Although I find this style super fun and functional, it has become a less popular option for couples and I think that will hold true this year. Keep reading to find out what I think is in to replace the invitation pocket!

Cream and Ivory Paper

I’m super torn on making a judgement for this, but looking back at orders for 2018 makes me feel somewhat confident to say – cream and ivory paper won’t be seen much this year. Since things are moving toward a more modern aesthetic, crisp, white cardstock is here to stay!

What’s In

If reading the below gives you major heart eyes and or hand clapping excitement, make sure to download my Pricing + Information Guide for details on working together this year!

Thick Paper

As we say see ya later to invitation pockets, heavier and textured cardstock will happily take its place. Even though couples are going more minimalist in design, they’re making it count by using luxe papers. This is probably my favorite trend for 2019 weddings! Surprise and delight your guests with something special – it’s the first impression of your entire wedding day, do it right!

Serif Fonts

I collect fonts like some people collect {insert thing a lot of people collect here}. My collection of script fonts is starting to gather a little digital dust in comparison to how much they were previously used! The bold feel of serif text fonts is lending way to more and more designs this year. If you would’ve told me a year ago this would be trending I wouldn’t have believed you, but I’m excited to see where it goes!

Green and Navy Wedding Invitations

Minimalist Design

All of the above, what’s in and what’s out, all ties to this – minimalism and simplicity. I think design is growing up a bit and we can make a statement without adding #allthethings. I see this trend in our clothing styles and home decor, knowing it’s having an effect on wedding looks. It feels more sophisticated and effortless which I’m totally obsessed with. When in doubt, add white space!

At the end of the {wedding} day, it’s all about what you love. Trending or not, your invitation design should represent you as a couple and set the tone for the entire event. These aren’t rules or absolutes and I encourage every couple to have fun with their paper, so you do you, girl!

Are you getting married this year? I’d love to work together to create your dream wedding invitations! Start by ordering a sample or downloading my Information + Pricing Guide.

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