Browse Pinterest, Etsy, or Google for “wedding invitations” and you’ll be bombarded with MILLIONS of options. (Seriously, there are 337 million Google results for that search!) Just a little overwhelming, yes?

So how do you figure out what you want YOUR wedding invitations to look like? You have an entire Pinterest board of inspiration – but it’s all over the place. There are so many pretty options and narrowing it down to one can feel like you’re missing out on something else.

How to Choose a Design for Your Wedding Invitations

I work closely with couples at the beginning stage of choosing wedding invitations and the feeling of overwhelm is very common – you’re not alone! I help guide them to picking the perfect design and I’m happy to share that same advice with you.

Wedding Theme

First and foremost, consider your overall wedding theme – the venue, your color palette, and the wedding vibe you’re trying to accomplish. The invitations are the very first detail guests get and should set the tone for the entire event – even subconsciously telling them how to dress. (Yes, for real.)

All weddings are different. An invitation for a formal, black tie wedding at a hotel will likely not look the same as a laid back, local brewery wedding. You might fall in love with a design, but if it doesn’t fit your wedding theme, I caution you to choose it.

I don’t think you have to be literal in matching everything (like having the envelopes in the exact same color as the bridesmaids dresses), but I do recommend having it set the feel.

Blue Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Personal Style

When picking a wedding invitation design, it’s important that it match your personal style. Not your mom’s or your wedding planner’s or your best friend’s, but YOURS (and your fiancé‘s of course).

If you prefer simple, go with it – you don’t have to choose an extravagant design. If you wouldn’t dream of putting a pink pillow in your home, don’t add that to your invitation palette. Ignore trends or what a wedding magazine says you should do. The invitation is a reflection of YOU.

Personalities of You as a Couple

What do you and your fiance love together as a couple? Maybe it’s cooking, travel, or a themed movie series. If it’s a big part of your life, consider incorporating it into your invitation in a small way!

The invitation design is a chance to show off who you are as people – whether that be funny, quirky, elegant, loud, whatever! If you’re not traditional, don’t feel like you have to pick something that’s by the etiquette book (and vice-versa!)

Your invitation should reflect YOU TWO – people will be surprised if they get something in the mail that “isn’t you” and it doesn’t set the same familiar tone as something that fits your personalities!

Map Themed Wedding Invitation

Consult a Professional

Although you might like a lot of invitation designs and feel torn, think about what will: make the best first impression, set the tone, and reflect the styles + personalities of you as a couple. Want some feedback on choosing the perfect wedding invitation design? I would be happy to help you with that!

Overall, have fun with it! Interested in learning more about my invitation process and pricing? Download your guide here!


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