Love it or hate it, Instagram is a big part of daily life in 2018. With all social media, there are positives and negatives to spending time on the platform. For the busy bride, I think the app is a great way to jumpstart your wedding planning – create a feed full of inspiration, discover wedding venues, and find your perfect vendors!

Collect Inspiration

With Instagram’s saved post feature, you can begin to pull together inspiration for your wedding theme. See a photo of a gorgeous gown or beautiful bouquet that matches your big day vision? Just click the flag icon on the bottom right to bookmark a post.

After you begin saving posts, you can even categorize them by adding collections. Visit the posts you’ve saved by clicking on the three bars at the top right when on your profile’s page. Click on “saved” to see everything and “collections” to start organizing. This is a great place to refer back to when wedding planning – and all on your phone!

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Instagram Wedding Planning

Find Wedding Vendors

Use hashtags to find the vendors for your big day. Although I work with brides all over the country, many vendors are location specific – think about your planner, photographer, florist, makeup artist, hair stylist, cake designer, band – the list goes on! You can find awesome vendors by searching “your city + wedding” or “your city + vendor speciality” or a combination of these things!

For example, if a San Diego bride wanted to work with a local invitation designer (hi, I’m here!) you can find me on Instagram by searching hashtags like #sandiegoweddinginvitations, #sandiegowedding, #socalbride, #southerncaliforniaweddinginspiration, and more!

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To browse hashtags, just type it in the search bar – you’ll be amazed how many wedding vendors are using Instagram! If you see a photo that fits your style, visit their profile – it should be a living portfolio of their work. You’ll be able to get a better idea of their aesthetic, the types of weddings they work, and even a glimpse of their personal life. It’s a great way to connect with someone – you might even follow them in the beginning stages of wedding planning to keep them in mind as you begin booking vendors.

Discover Venues

Along with searching for vendors, Instagram is a great place to check out wedding venues – without even leaving the house! To be fair, you definitely need to visit any wedding venue in person to make a decision, but looking at it on social media can help you narrow down favorites.

Use the hashtags or places feature to find venues, then browse their photos to see what the space looks like. On the places page, you’ll see an entire feed of photos that people have tagged at that location. I really like this because there are professional photos from vendors, but also pictures from guests themselves.

Browse Tagged Photos

Find a vendor or venue you really love? Tagged photos are a great way to find other vendors with a similar style. As wedding professionals, we’re always collaborating – both on styled shoots and real weddings. Those pictures end up on Instagram where every vendor involved is tagged. Usually by finding one, it’ll lead you to several others!

It’s never a bad idea to choose vendors who have worked at your venue, or worked together, previously. There’s a big advantage to that – they’re familiar with the space and each other, which ensures your wedding day will go super smoothly!

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So, break out the phone (although I know there’s a 52% chance you’re reading this on your mobile device) and begin your Instagram wedding planning now! You can start by checking out my work and following me – comment on my post letting me know you found me through my blog post!

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  1. YES I love this! Instagram seems like it’s a much better planning tool than Pinterest because you can much more efficiently find and connect with actual vendors in your area who are doing the work that you love!

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