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The series continues with Megan, The Owner and Lead Makeup Artist with Megan Quintana Artistry. Megan is a published makeup artist, esthetician, and total sweetheart. She’s mega talented and I’m thankful she took the time to share her best advice on all things wedding makeup. Read on to learn about her business journey and number one tip for glowing wedding day skin!

Tips From a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

What started your interest as an artist?

Honestly it all started as a kid. I would get lost in my mother’s vanity! I was attracted to all the colors and watching her apply blush and lipstick. I also became the friend who was always doing everyone’s makeup for school dances or girls nights. I was and still am infatuated with the looks of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Sophia Loren. So classic, beautiful, and bold. From the striking cat eye to that perfect red pout, I wanted to be glamorous like them, so I practiced. A LOT!

How long have you been in the wedding industry and specializing in bridal looks?

I have been in the industry for 6 years, but I started specializing in bridal beauty in 2016 after my own wedding. I got my first makeup job at Bobbi Brown in 2012. I steadily grew with the company and started working in the second stand alone studio in the country in Raleigh, NC. I left Bobbi Brown in 2016 to pursue my own business and bridal has been a main focus ever since!

What should brides look for when choosing a professional to do their makeup for their wedding day?

When you’re looking to hire a makeup artist for the most photographed day of your life, I recommend you to do your research! Whether online or through word of mouth, be sure to look through the artist’s professional portfolio and ask yourself if you love their work. Check their reviews and read about past brides experiences.

Another SUPER important detail is scheduling a trial before the big day. The trial will not only allow you to be insured of their skill, but you can see if you get along with your artist on a personal level. I believe you should be surrounded by friends on your wedding day, not strangers! Something I pride myself on is in my bride’s reviews they explain that I have an easy going demeanor that completely kept them at ease on the day of their wedding.

When you’ve invested in the perfect dress, the perfect venue, and the photographer to capture every moment of the best. day. ever, hiring me as your makeup artist will give you the luxury of enjoying that mimosa and chatting with your best girls with no stress.

At what point in the wedding planning process should a bride inquire about booking with you?

The best time to book the wedding day is 6-12 months prior to the wedding day. Personally I receive inquiries from brides on a daily basis, so I always say if you know you definitely want me to be a part of your day, I recommend booking sooner rather than later!

How do the other wedding details (the dress, season, colors, theme) affect the style of the overall look?

The other wedding details help me get to know my bride’s own personal style. It helps me determine and guide her through creating the perfect look for her wedding day. In my eye, each season also has its own style and colors schemes to begin with. In the spring time you often find pastels, or bright colors, whereas in the fall you will find rich, jewel tones shades throughout the wedding. This of course doesn’t go for everyone, but it is a definite trend I see!

This all goes back to the importance of a trial. These are things we talk about in our 90 minute appointment. For example, a lot of my fall brides are not afraid of a bolder lip. The weather is getting cooler, the sun isn’t out as long, it calls for a little touch of extra color. For my brides who would rather play up the eyes instead of the lips, a warm, smokey smokey eye is very popular. My spring brides tend to tend of natural, effortless beauty with glowy skin. Some will add a pop of color on the cheeks and lips to give a fresh appearance. All  of the little details all play a part in the wedding day to give a beautiful cohesive look!

Are there any tips you give brides to keep their skin in top condition in the days leading up to the wedding?

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! The most important thing to do for your skin is drink a lot of water, and have a daily skin care routine. Bonus points for seeing an esthetician and setting up a regiment leading up to your special day. One facial a month can do wonders and your esthetician can help you set up a regimen tailored to you!

What skill or service do you offer that allows brides to feel comfortable and/or enjoy the getting ready process to the fullest?

I send out a questionnaire to my brides with their contract. It asks them fun questions like, what is your favorite music? What is your favorite drink? That way I can personalize their appointments to keep them at ease and feel absolutely comfortable. When they show up I have their drink of choice ( whether it’s coffee, tea, champagne, diet coke) waiting and their favorite music playing!

Are there any misconceptions about your industry that you’d like to make sure brides understand?

I believe the biggest misconception to the uninformed is that we charge to much for “just putting makeup on.” Beyond the art, there is also science involved, and education. The behind the scenes is, well it’s behind the seeing eye. When we are asked to negotiate our pricing, we are being asked to negotiate our livelihood. There are days of back and forth emails of planning and writing contracts. There are hours of sanitation, setting up, breaking down, packing up for a onlocation job. There are thousand and thousands of dollars spent over the year to keep our kits up to date, fresh, and restocked. We also have bills to pay! I believe makeup artists have the ability to transform their clients. We can give confidence to someone where it was lacking and truly make them shine in front of a camera or in everyday life. We help create the best version of one’s self and I believe that to be priceless!

Are there any makeup trends for 2018 weddings you’re loving?

Personally, I’m not to crazy about the current trends. Ice blue, glitter highlighter is not here to stay. I do believe beautiful, natural, glowy skin will always be in. Personally a classic red lip and a winged liner will always be a favorite look.

You can find Megan on her website, http://www.meganquintanaartistry.com, and on Instagram @meganquintanaartistry (photo by Rowan Media & Design)

Photo Credit:

Luke Crawford Photography, Sydney Bruton Photography, Brandi Sisson Photography, Krisandra Evans Photography


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