I’m excited to launch a vendor series, featuring some of Atlanta’s top wedding professionals! Working in the industry, I’ve gotten to know some really talented, sweet, and creative people. I’m sharing their top tips and best advice when it comes to planning a wedding and booking vendors.

First up is Kecia Wilson of Three Little Birds Weddings. She is the owner and lead planner who I was connected with last year through a wonderful bride. Kecia is passionate about what she does and it’s easy to see that in her work! (And I’m kinda obsessed that her business is named after a Bob Marley song!)

Hiring a Professional Planner for Your Wedding

I asked Kecia questions on everything from why couples should absolutely consider hiring a planner to what wedding trends she is loving this year!

How long have you been involved with planning special events?

Since Bloomingdale’s opened in Atlanta in 2003, that was my first experience planning large-scale wedding events.  I loved every minute from planning to execution to the afterglow of a party well thrown!

What started your interest in working with couples planning their wedding?  

For me it all started with my love of china and crystal, which inspired me to seek out work in that industry pretty much exclusively throughout my career.  Engaged couples have been a part of my life since I can remember, and helping them envision and create their new lifestyle together has been one of my all time joys.

What is the meaning behind your business name, “Three Little Birds”?

I’m a huge fan of happiness and ease, and my life anthem is Bob Marley’s song of that name.  I want my couples to know before they even speak with me that… Every little thing is gonna be alright!  

What are the perks to hiring a professional to handle wedding planning?

Oh… so many!  My favorite, though, is all about the people.  I’ve had so many couples who were lost in a sea of websites in trying to book vendors without any direction or guidance as to what they should be looking for in terms of cost, style, anything.  With a planner, that stress and confusion are gone. I only introduce my couples to vendors who are exceptional at what they do, are within that couple’s budget, and who I know are professional, reliable, and most of all kind.  The wedding team is everything, the rest is just details.

Atlanta Wedding

At what point in the wedding planning process should a couple make the decision to work with a planner?

I’ll answer that in the words of many past clients:  “In hindsight, we wish we’d brought you into the process sooner.”  For the ease of everyone involved, the earlier you hire a planner, the better. There are so many things that come up along the way that we can easily handle to save time, money, and mostly stress. Plus it’s a huge advantage to your wedding vendors to have a point person throughout, and a confidence that your wedding will be well organized from the beginning.     

What skills or services do you offer to your clients to help them feel less stressed while planning one of the biggest days of their lives?

It’s more of an attribute, but the one thing I hear from both clients and vendors is that I have a very calm and confident demeanor, which lends an air of ease and lightness to planning and also the wedding day itself.  My life motto is, everything is fixable. I truly believe it. So when things come up during planning or day of that others may freak over, I just smile and fix it and move on.

Tell us what a typical meeting might look like between you and a couple you’re working with.

It always starts with hugs and a bit of life stuff, because I love my couples, I’m so blessed!  Then we dig in. I like to call it a pow-wow, because it’s a top to bottom information exchange.  If it’s a timeline meeting, for instance, we go hour by hour, I have my notes and questions prepared and my clients have theirs and we just go. But to me the follow-up is as important. I always send revisions or recap notes within a day so that everyone knows what was discussed, revised or decided upon at each step along the way.  

Are there any trends for 2018 weddings you’re loving?

Color! I’m loving the shift to new and brighter colors this year! I had one wedding in particular last year that was just full of bright beautiful summer colors, (paper suite by oh my! designs by Steph, by the way!)  It was magnificently styled by AJF+D, and I remember thinking I’d love this look to move forward into next year. And it has!

Lavender Floral Wedding Invitations

What’s the biggest piece of advice you can offer to couples just getting started in the planning process?

Breathe, and know that in the end it’s all going to be ok. Couples can get stressed very quickly in this process, which takes the joy and fun out of planning.  But it doesn’t have to be that way at all! My top three tips are: 1) Commit to keeping love at the heart of it all, 2) Remember that the wedding is only a celebration of the Marriage, and… 3) Trust your planner!  

Three Little Birds Weddings Atlanta

You can find Kecia on her website, http://www.3lbweddings.com, and on Instagram @3lbweddings

The photos in this post were from the colorful summer wedding mentioned above and taken by Vue Photography


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