The big day has come and gone, but there’s still one wedding to-do left on the list! It’s time to write thank you notes to all the people who contributed to your wedding – either by helping, attending, or contributing in some way.

In a world of text messages and emails, the lost art of writing a letter has been forgotten by many. However, I really think that the value of receiving a handwritten thank you note really shows the thought of a genuine appreciation.


The biggest list of people to thank are those who gave a gift before, on, or after your wedding day. You should also include anyone who helped make your big day possible – your bridal party, family who helped contribute financially, and vendors that rocked your socks off.

Keep a list of everyone you intend to thank and exactly what you will thank them for – use an Excel spreadsheet or Google doc to keep everything super organized.

How to Write a Post Wedding Thank You Note


Per Emily Post etiquette, wedding thank you cards should be sent within three months of the recipient of the gift. Often, things can be pretty busy right after a wedding – honeymoons, moving, adjusting to newlywed life, so schedule a time each week to sit down and write a few thank you notes at a time. It can seem daunting to do them all at once (and hello, hand cramp!) but breaking them into chunks will help tremendously!


As a former second grade teacher, I’m happy to break down the how to of writing your wedding thank you cards.

Make sure the notes are personalized to each recipient and include their names. Thank them specifically for being a part of your wedding and how they helped make your big day special. Make reference to the actual gift that they gave and include how it might be used. Feel free to get as funny and creative as you like, but generally 3-4 sentences should get the job done.

Sign the card as a couple and include both names. The goal is to show your appreciation, so personalizing and being specific will ensure your thankfulness is received! Here’s an example:

Dear John and Susie Smith,

We are so glad that you were able to be a part of our big day – it wouldn’t have been the same without you there! Your gift was very generous and we are putting the money toward new living room furniture in our home. You’ll have to come check it out next time you’re in town!

Thank you so much,

Bobby and Molly Williams

Tips on Writing a Perfect Wedding Thank You Note


The idea of incorporating one of your wedding photos with the thank you card is always fun! I offer wedding thank you postcards here in my Etsy shop. I can also create a custom design to match your oh my! designs invitations. These are perfect because you can show off a picture on the front and include some text (typically “thank you”, the wedding date, and your names). On the back, you’ll be able to handwrite a short note in the blank space and drop in the mail!

Want to keep it a little more traditional? Opt for thank you cards, flat or folded, with envelopes. Include your new monogram or last name with a simple design. The great thing about this option is that you can use these cards for years to come since they won’t be wedding specific!

Ready to order your wedding thank you cards? Send me a message here! 


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