Tips for Proofreading Wedding Invitations

During the design process, it is important to focus on proofreading along with editing the overall look of your wedding invitations. I include three rounds of proofs, or changes, to allow for any edits or corrections to be made prior to printing. I leave the final approval up to clients and ask them to carefully review each piece of their suite. Here are a few tips for proofreading your wedding invitations to ensure they are perfect before going to print!

Ask for Help

Have your fiancé, wedding planner, mom, or friend look over the proofs after you have. Between the designer and the client, there’s a good chance you’ve viewed these proofs a whole bunch of times. It’s good to get a fresh set of eyes to review everything before signing off your final approval.

Try Out Your Website Link

Often couples include a link to their wedding website to direct guests for further information about their big day, typically listed on the details insert card. Try typing the link you have into your browser to make sure it is correct – add or remove any prefixes as necessary.

Read Backwards

Sometimes when reading words in order, it can be harder to notice a spelling order. Our brains kind of “auto correct” and might skip a mistake because the words make sense together. By reading backwards you are isolating each word and are more likely to identify an error.

Check Spacing

Look over the invitation and insert cards carefully to make sure spacing is correct. When drafting up proofs, sometimes an extra space might accidentally get added. This can be a very small error, but checking closely can ensure all spacing is as it should be.

Confirm Venue and Address Spelling

When proofreading, you’re easily able to notice an error in your names or general words because it’s something you are familiar with. The venue name and address is more likely to get missed. Double check that the full name, street address, city, and state are spelled out correctly.

Review Etiquette

Read my post on what not to include in your wedding invitations. Some mistakes you might not even know you are making, like using abbreviations or adding unnecessary information.

Take your time in reviewing proofs and check everything during each round of the design process. Have any more tips to proofreading wedding invitations? Leave them in the comments below!


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