Response Card Wording Guide

The response, or RSVP, card is a very important little piece of paper included with your wedding invitation. Simply, your RSVP card is how your guests let you know if they will be attending your wedding or not. However, it can also be used to communicate some important information about whom is actually invited. Also, the RSVP card can be used to gather details on meal choices or even what songs guest would like to hear at your reception.

Guest Names

The RSVP card should have a space for guests to write their names. Traditionally, there is a line preceded by the letter “M”. This is for guests to sign their names including their title (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss). As we modernize everything wedding, the RSVP card updates simply with “Names” to avoid any confusion.


Options for guests to select whether or not they’ll attend your wedding are next. Essentially, the choices are “attending” or “not attending” but endless versions include:

            Accepts with pleasure/Declines with regret

            Can’t wait to celebrate/Will be there in spirit

            Wouldn’t miss it for the world/Celebrating from afar

Get creative with your wording, just make sure it is clear to guests what each option means!

It is common to include a space for guests to write in the number who will be attending. This is helpful if a few people from a family were invited, but not everyone will make it.

Crystal Clear

Although guests should know exactly who is invited by the way the envelope is addressed, couples have opted to explicitly state this on the RSVP card. This helps keep any extras from being added on when there is a specific guest count in mind. The below phrase can be included on the RSVP card, with the bride and groom filling in the first blank before mailing.

“We have reserved ______ seat(s) in your honor. Number attending ________.”

Get Creative

If you have some extra room on the RSVP card and want to add an element of fun, add a line for guests to leave advice or a song request for the reception. Post wedding, it would be really neat to keep the RSVP cards with advice in a memory book. Check out the examples below for inspiration!

Please Respond By

Lastly, include a reply by date on your RSVP card. This date is typically determined by your wedding venue as to when they will need the final guest count. I recommend asking for your guests to return their responses before you actually need to confirm your headcount, just in case anyone forgets to respond!


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Want to see RSVP cards in action?

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RSVP Meal Choices Traditional RSVPCreative RSVPFunny RSVP Unique RSVP Card

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