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I’ve noticed a serious issue in the world of paper products and the wedding industry! Ok, so maybe it’s not THAT serious, but it is something that still needs to be mentioned.

Let me begin by stating that I’m talking to industry professionals here. Dealers of invitations, bloggers of weddings, makers of cards, this is for you! Clients and non-industry people might find this useful, but I don’t hold these folks to the standard of people who work with stationery.

Yes, I said stationery. Unfortunately often confused with stationary. These words are homophones, meaning they sound the same, but have different spellings and different meanings. Maybe it’s my inner elementary school teacher coming out (yep, former second grade teacher here), but I cringe when I see a professional using the word incorrectly.

STATIONERY. It’s that beautiful paper, hand written letter, or set of thank you cards. Stationery is a noun. In school, I was told to remember stationery with an E because it has an Envelope. Check out my wedding stationery here!

STATIONARY. It’s fixed in place and not moving. Stationary is an adjective. Things that come to mind as being stationary – your house, a tree, the bike at the gym that’s not actually going anywhere. I suppose stationery can be stationary while it’s sitting on your desk! Read more about the origins of the words here.

The English language is weird. To be honest, so many people use “stationary” that I sometimes include it when tagging my wedding invitations on Etsy or as a hashtag on Instagram. I don’t want to miss out on a potential client because of one vowel. I do want to bring awareness to industry professionals of the correct grammar since I often see it used wrongly. We aren’t stationary and neither are the paper products we create. Let’s move forward!


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  1. I work with your mom! Love your business. I do calligraphy and am a “paper ” freak! Please put me on your list :).

    • Hi Elaine! Thanks so much :) That’s wonderful, I would love to see your work and hear more about your calligraphy!

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