To say I have unrealistically high expectations would be wrong. Well, it is half wrong. I do have high expectations. However, they are not unrealistic. 

Yes, I am a small business. No, that does not mean you are getting any less of a product than if you were to order from one of the large websites. Even though I am just a one-girl-do-all operation, I can only assume that my customers expect perfection from me. If I am not 100% happy with what comes out of the printer, I go back to the drawing board until I am fully satisfied. Sometimes this can turn into a stressful and/or frustrating process (for both myself and my printer)!

One of the driving forces to start oh my! designs was my unsuccessful attempt to print DIY invitations I ordered from Etsy. There was no way the perfectionist in me would send out less than perfect invites to a friend’s baby shower. After the time spent trying to fix them, I ditched them, and ordered from the big guys. That was over a year ago. I have since learned a lot about printing, as well as design, so that I can provide people a stress and frustration free option. I like to think people pay me to be crazy about their papers, so that they don’t have to. And why shouldn’t they? Throwing a party or announcing a special moment should be a solely positive experience!

“Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them.”


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