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Pretty Paper Feature: Natural Rustic Wedding Invitations

Greenery Wedding Invitations

So many of my clients find me online and I never get to meet them in real life. There’s something extra special about creating custom wedding invitations for someone I actually know, and maybe a little extra pressure too! However, I’m up for the challenge of making something unique for the bride who can’t quite find exactly what she’s looking for.

Dana is someone I’ve known for as long as I can remember and she grew up on the same street as I did. Although we went our separate ways after high school, we always somewhat kept in touch thanks to Facebook. I was super excited when she reached out and asked me to design custom wedding invitations! Dana had a strong Pinterest board and I could see her wedding theme immediately – first and foremost, lots of greenery, which I loved! She also pinned some wedding décor with rustic elements and a lot of neutral colors, including the “kraft” look. Most of Dana’s wedding pins were florals and dresses – I like to see what a bride is pinning a lot of, this is what is most important to her!

Taking elements from her Pinterest inspiration, we nailed down an initial concept – white paper with greenery elements. Dana chose to use the kraft envelopes to bring in the rustic and natural elements. We reviewed several different font options, with a fun script being the final result.

Natural Rustic Wedding Invitations

When creating custom wedding invitaitons, I love to be inspired by a bride’s Pinterest board! Without looking at other invitation designs, it’s great to get a feel for the overall theme by seeing images of florals, décor, and other non-stationery details. I’m super happy with the way Dana’s wedding invitations turned out and think this will be a very popular design that other couple’s can use for their weddings.

Greenery Wedding InvitationsRustic Natural Wedding Invitations










Interested in ordering these invitations for your wedding? Fill out my questionnaire now for a free quote and more information!

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What should my RSVP card include?

Response Card Wording Guide

The response, or RSVP, card is a very important little piece of paper included with your wedding invitation. Simply, your RSVP card is how your guests let you know if they will be attending your wedding or not. However, it can also be used to communicate some important information about whom is actually invited. Also, the RSVP card can be used to gather details on meal choices or even what songs guest would like to hear at your reception.

Guest Names

The RSVP card should have a space for guests to write their names. Traditionally, there is a line preceded by the letter “M”. This is for guests to sign their names including their title (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss). As we modernize everything wedding, the RSVP card updates simply with “Names” to avoid any confusion.


Options for guests to select whether or not they’ll attend your wedding are next. Essentially, the choices are “attending” or “not attending” but endless versions include:

            Accepts with pleasure/Declines with regret

            Can’t wait to celebrate/Will be there in spirit

            Wouldn’t miss it for the world/Celebrating from afar

Get creative with your wording, just make sure it is clear to guests what each option means!

It is common to include a space for guests to write in the number who will be attending. This is helpful if a few people from a family were invited, but not everyone will make it.

Crystal Clear

Although guests should know exactly who is invited by the way the envelope is addressed, couples have opted to explicitly state this on the RSVP card. This helps keep any extras from being added on when there is a specific guest count in mind. The below phrase can be included on the RSVP card, with the bride and groom filling in the first blank before mailing.

“We have reserved ______ seat(s) in your honor. Number attending ________.”

Get Creative

If you have some extra room on the RSVP card and want to add an element of fun, add a line for guests to leave advice or a song request for the reception. Post wedding, it would be really neat to keep the RSVP cards with advice in a memory book. Check out the examples below for inspiration!

Please Respond By

Lastly, include a reply by date on your RSVP card. This date is typically determined by your wedding venue as to when they will need the final guest count. I recommend asking for your guests to return their responses before you actually need to confirm your headcount, just in case anyone forgets to respond!


Floral Marsala Wedding Invitations


Want to see RSVP cards in action?

Click to open for inspiration and customize to make your own!

RSVP Meal Choices Traditional RSVPCreative RSVPFunny RSVP Unique RSVP Card

Click to open for RSVP card examples!


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Where do I start with Wedding Invitation Wording?

Invitation Wording

The wedding invitation serves two (pretty huge) purposes in your wedding. The invitation is the very first impression of your wedding and should really set the theme for the big day. Guests should see a glimpse of the tone of your wedding just from the invitation. Your wedding invitation should not only be beautiful, but informative. It’s kind of a big deal that everyone knows when and where it’s going down! Making sure your wedding invitation wording is clear, correct, and informative is extremely key.

Once my bridal clients have signed off on my contract and paid the deposit, I’m ready to get started! Often, many reach out to me at this point with the same question, “do you have any examples of wedding invitation wording?” Well funny you asked, of course I do! The chance that this is a bride’s first time planning a wedding is pretty likely and the wedding invitation wording seems to be unfamiliar territory.

I typically begin by explaining that wedding invitation wording is truly customizable and open to interpretation. Cue the overwhelm. Let me break it down for ya!


Who’s hosting?

The wedding invitation typically opens with the hosts (aka who’s paying) inviting guests to attend. Traditionally, this was the bride’s parents as they were funding the operation and “giving away” their daughter to a suitable bachelor. I love traditional wording, as it really encompasses the overall idea of a wedding. However, many couples have moved away from traditional wording because there are hosts other than (or in addition to) the bride’s parents. I also think people choose to forgo traditional wording as it seems, well too traditional. To each their own!


The names of the bride and groom are the focus of the wedding invitation wording. If including the bride’s parent’s full names, the bride’s name is listed as first and middle only. If the parent’s names aren’t on the invitation, the bride and groom can be listed with their full names (up to preference to include middle names!)

The Ceremony

This is where you can get creative with your wording! A more traditional way to invite people to your ceremony would be along the lines of “request the pleasure of your company at the marriage”, but options to go less traditional are endless. One of my favorites is “invite you to join as they celebrate their love”, ‘cause it just sounds like endless happiness!

The When & Where

In my opinion, this information should be listed in the same way whether opting for something more traditional or modern. Bringing in design elements will allow you to get fun with this part. The date, including the year, and time should be spelled out. The location should be listed with the address using no abbreviations. And for the love of all things pretty, no zip code! Zip codes are for mailing, not for invitations.

The Closing

In literary class, this was known as the conclusion. Most ceremonies are followed by a reception and a short, sweet way to end the wedding invitation wording is with “Reception to Follow”. I love when couples choose to get creative with the closing! One of my favorites included “bring your dancing shoes!”


If you’ve read the above, my hats off to you! You’ve taken in a lot of information about wedding invitation wording. As a visual learner, I’ve provided some examples of wedding invitation wording in action. Click to open and feel free to modify from there!

Formal Traditional Invitation WordingInformal Wedding Invite

Casual WeddingModern Invitation Wording

Click your theme to open wedding invitation wording samples!

Check out my tips on wedding invitation wording for sticky situations here!

Now, read: What should my RSVP card include?

Coming soon: details card wording advice, etiquette and wedding invitation faux pas

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The Big Fake Wedding

Custom Wedding Invitations

I’ve attended one bridal show and with the experience I had, I promised myself that being a vendor at one wouldn’t be a goal for my business. To be honest, the bridal show gave me major anxiety and I wasn’t even the bride! It was very crowded, hugely impersonal, and full of stark white everything. Vendors were a little forceful in pushing brides to sign up for this contest, that email list, etc. It was more overwhelming than helpful and the bride I attended with didn’t leave with great impressions, surely not enough to book any of the vendors there.

The Big Fake Wedding is like the anti-bridal show.  As the name implies, vendors come together to plan and throw a fake wedding. Guests attend a vow renewal ceremony of an actual couple, meet the vendors who put the wedding together, and party at the big fake reception!

When I was asked to participate as a featured vendor in The Big Fake Wedding, I accepted the offer almost immediately! I had a pretty good idea of what this event was about – I know a few people who have participated in previous events, followed The Big Fake Wedding on social media, and had seen their website. I also knew this genius concept was started in Atlanta and was super excited to be a part of the fun!

Prepping for the event was great. Expectations were set, but each vendor is able to truly make/plan/show off their creative vision! A mood board was provided with a theme and color palette. The theme for the Big Fake Wedding Atlanta was “jewel tones”. For the invitation suite, I choose some words I wanted the designs to evoke and created with those words in mind. Magic, playful, and rich were my mood words.

Jewel Tone Wedding Invitations

Keeping with the jewel tone color scheme, I created an invitation with a playful design and mounted on a gold leaf pocket with a topaz accent mat. I did two options for the envelope, because I’m obsessed with envelope liners and couldn’t pick just one! The first was made with handmade paper and had the most beautiful (magical!) gold accents, applied to a white envelope to really stand out. The other option was a simple, gold leaf envelope liner in the matching topaz envelope. I definitely think the final product encompassed The Big Fake wedding theme and my inspiration words.

Pocket Wedding Invitations    Wedding Invitations by oh my! designs

These invitations can be customized! Ready to get started on your Big Day invites? Contact me now!

Vendors at the Big Fake Wedding were able to set up small tables in the Tunnel of Love. To set up my table, I made a canvas displaying some of my favorite wedding invitation suites and save the dates. I gave away wedding stationery timelines magnets and had a contest for free save the dates. Guests browsed the Tunnel of Love prior to the ceremony and during the reception. I was able to meet so many bride-to-bes and potential clients in person, it was wonderful! Typically, many of my clients find me online and I never get to see their face or hear their voice. It was really nice to see so many faces and get to speak with people. Getting to hear immediate feedback from the reactions of seeing the invitations was truly priceless. One bride-to-be commented that she had seen one of my invitation suites on Pinterest and pinned it to her inspiration board. Hearing that seriously made my day!

The Big Fake Wedding Tunnel of Love

Being the invitation designer, I’m never present at the actual weddings. My work is done way before the event begins. The Big Fake Wedding provided me with the experience to connect with other vendors that I typically wouldn’t. It was inspiring to be surrounded by fellow creative and business owners. I loved hearing everyone’s story and visions for their businesses!

Overall, I would highly recommend participating in The Big Fake Wedding to any vendor and attending The Big Fake Wedding to anyone planning (or helping plan) a wedding. As a bride-to-be, being able to see a venue decorated makes a huge difference. It is also really nice to be able to hear the band, taste the food, and smell the flowers. The Big Fake wedding does a fabulous job of creating a truly inspiring environment!

Photo Credit: XOXO by Cortni, Tiny Atlas Photography   Event Hosts: The Big Fake Wedding


Wedding Stationery Timeline

You’re engaged and you’ve started the wedding planning process (YAY!) So how far in advance are save the dates sent out and when should wedding invitations be ordered? I’ve complied a basic wedding stationery timeline to answer these questions!

Wedding Stationery Timeline

Keep in mind, every event is different! If you are planning a destination wedding, getting married over a holiday, or inviting a lot of out of town guests, it’s advised to send out your pretty paper even earlier than this timeline recommends!

Have questions? Want to share some advice? Leave a comment below or get in touch!


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Wedding Invitation Ornament: First Married Christmas

This year I had the opportunity to make wedding invitations for so many wonderful couples. Four of these couples were extra special to me as they were close friends who allowed me to be an even bigger part of their day than just their pretty paper gal. As a token of my appreciation and to celebrate, I created wedding invitation ornaments for their first married Christmas!


Wedding Invitation Ornament

I absolutely love the way the ornaments turned out! The wedding invitation ornaments are not only adorable and clever, but give a gift of a lasting memory. These make great client gifts from a wedding planner, photographer, etc. They are super easy to make, the most difficult part is remembering to keep an extra so far ahead of Christmas!

Materials Needed: a clear glass ornament (I purchased mine from Target), an invitation, colored envelope or accent paper (you can purchase scrapbook paper in almost any color from Hobby Lobby), paper trimmer or scissors

DIY Invitation Tutorial

Using the paper trimmer or scissors, cut the invitation into thin strips. It might feel weird cutting up such an important piece of paper, but it’s ok! You’re just reconstructing it to a new form. I like to cut so that the specific details remain in tact – the names, date, venue, etc. Repeat with envelope or colored accent paper.

Wedding Invitation Ornament TutorialDIY Wedding Invitation Ornament

It’s good to have a variety of pieces to make the ornament stand out. Next, take a pencil and curl the paper around it tightly. This reminds me of wrapping my hair around a curling wand. Hold in place for about 20-30 seconds.


Wedding InvitationWedding Invitation Ornament

Put the curled paper in the ornament. Repeat with the variety pieces. You can use the pencil to somewhat manipulate how the pieces fall.

Wedding Invitation OrnamentWedding Invitation Ornament

That’s it! You can add a coordinating ribbon to use for hanging on the Christmas tree.

Married Christmas

I think the wedding invitation ornament could be modified as a keepsake for any special event. If you make your own, please share a photo of the result!

Wedding Invitation DIY Tutorial

Click to pin this image to save for later!

Celebrating your first Married Christmas? Check out my holiday cards for newlyweds in my Etsy shop!

First Married Christmas Cards


How Many Wedding Invitations Should I Order?

How Many Wedding Invitations Should I Order?

“How many invitations will you need?” is one of the first questions I ask my clients when beginning the wedding invitation ordering process. It isn’t unusual to get a blank look in reply to this question (or blank answer on the questionnaire I use to determine pricing for a quote). It can be difficult to know exactly how many wedding invitations to order so early in the planning process. I’ve put together some tips on finalizing a number.

Count number of addresses rather than number of guests. Early in the planning process, clients request a quote for 200 invitations since they have a guest list of 200. Since many of your guests live with each other (couples, families, roommates) think of the number in terms of addresses rather than people. If sending save the dates, use this list as a test run to get an idea of the number of addresses on your wedding guest list. Typically, the number of invitations is 40%-60% of the number of guests.

Include a few for keepsakes. Did you realize that the invitation is one of the only things you can actually keep from your wedding day? Other than the wedding dress and photography, your invitation is something that remains after the vows have been said, the flowers have wilted, the food has been eaten, and the music has been played. When ordering wedding invitations, include some extras as keepsakes – at least one for yourself and for each set of parents.

Plan for extras. In the case of forgetting someone on your list, it is good to have extra invitations on hand. If you have more guests RSVP “no” that originally planned, this might leave open some spots for friends who weren’t on the original guest list and it’s a good idea to have extra invitations for this. Many wedding invitation companies require a minimum order, which can make it extremely expensive to order a few extras after the original order has been processed. Avoid any stress by adding 5-10 extra invitations with your order.

“How Many Wedding Invitations Should I Order?” Formula
Number of Addresses + Keepsakes (3-4) + Extras (5-10) = Final Quantity Needed

How Many Wedding Invitations to Order

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