You say “perfectionist” like it’s a bad thing…

To say I have unrealistically high expectations would be wrong. Well, it is half wrong. I do have high expectations. However, they are not unrealistic. 

Yes, I am a small business. No, that does not mean you are getting any less of a product than if you were to order from one of the large websites. Even though I am just a one-girl-do-all operation, I can only assume that my customers expect perfection from me. If I am not 100% happy with what comes out of the printer, I go back to the drawing board until I am fully satisfied. Sometimes this can turn into a stressful and/or frustrating process (for both myself and my printer)!

One of the driving forces to start oh my! designs was my unsuccessful attempt to print DIY invitations I ordered from Etsy. There was no way the perfectionist in me would send out less than perfect invites to a friend’s baby shower. After the time spent trying to fix them, I ditched them, and ordered from the big guys. That was over a year ago. I have since learned a lot about printing, as well as design, so that I can provide people a stress and frustration free option. I like to think people pay me to be crazy about their papers, so that they don’t have to. And why shouldn’t they? Throwing a party or announcing a special moment should be a solely positive experience!

“Don’t just meet expectations, exceed them.”

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When I think about how far the business has come in just 8 short months and all the potential growth there is, it makes me so excited I just want to do cartwheels.

It still blows my mind that a small idea in my head has become a small, real life, growing business! Who woulda thought?! To complement the invitations and designs themselves, I wanted to create a blog for my friends and fans to keep up with the ever evolving oh my! designs. Words and writing have always been something I enjoy. You can even check out the blog I kept from my final semester of college, in which I studied abroad in Ecuador, here: (throwback!).

I do not claim to be an expert of writing, teaching, learning, designing, creating, color, fashion, patterns, accessorizing, nor marketing. However, I have dabbled in each and have found that the aforementioned are all things I am passionate about. My hope is to continue learning about each one to see where I am led. I’ve got BIG plans for the future, but am going to allow life to take me in the direction that seems right. Continue to check back for new products, design inspiration, and just daily realizations of attempting to launch a small business!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 


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